• Where’s the Damn Podcast? August 10, 2016
    Okay, so look.  We all know I recorded some podcasts and then just stopped.  Cold.  And for more than a year, nothing changed.  We just had Sean Sullivan’s beautiful face still staring back at us like the sarcastic angel he is. What happened? A lot, but it boils down to two things:  My kid stole my […]
    Timmy Mac
  • The McIntire Conspiracy Podcast Episode #005 – Sean Sullivan April 29, 2015
    Sean Sullivan is a standup comedian in Boston, Massachusetts.  He has appeared on Live at Gotham and was a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival.   Download Link (Right-click/Save As): The McIntire Conspiracy Episode 5 – Sean Sullivan ***** FOOTNOTES: The Shaskeen Name-drops:  Ken Reid, Tony Moschetto, Nick Lavallee, D’Michael Carter, Sean Tumblety
    Timmy Mac
  • The McIntire Conspiracy Podcast Episode #004 – Tawanda Gona April 15, 2015
    Tawanda Gona is a comedian in Boston, Massachusetts.  He’s appeared at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and the Cleveland Comedy Festival.  He is originally from Zimbabwe and performs all over the Northeastern United States.     Download link: Episode #004 – Tawanda Gona   RSS Feed for Subscribing   FOOTNOTES: Empire Revue Zimbabwe Hyper-Inflated Zimbabwea […]
    Timmy Mac
  • The McIntire Conspiracy Podcast Episode #003: Brendan Boogie March 25, 2015
    Brendan Boogie is a musician, writer, screenwriter, actor and therapist in Boston.  In addition to playing in Scamper and Parlour Bells, he recently wrote, produced and starred in the film The Mayor of Rock and Roll, which has been accepted to the 2015 Buffalo Niagara Film Festival.   DOWNLOAD LINK (Right-click; save as): Episode 003 Brendan Boogie […]
    Timmy Mac
  • The McIntire Conspiracy Podcast Episode #002: Nick Zaino March 11, 2015
    Nick Zaino is a singer/songwriter, journalist, writer, and all around beautiful son of a bitch.  He has written about both music and comedy, specifically Boston comedy, for many years now.  His latest album Blue Skies and Broken Arrows is now available on iTunes, CD Baby, and Bandcamp.  He will be performing at the release party for […]
    Timmy Mac
  • The McIntire Conspiracy Podcast Episode #001 February 25, 2015
    At long last, I am proud to present the first episode of The McIntire Conspiracy Podcast.  I’m joined (eventually) by Ken Reid and Kelly MacFarland, two of my dearest friends in comedy.  Everything’s a little rough around the edges, but then again, so am I.  I’m not putting this out on iTunes or Stitcher yet; gonna spend […]
    Timmy Mac
  • Podcast Demo Post January 26, 2015
    Just a test to see what podcasts will look like when posted.  I made this in about four seconds, just to have something to put up.  The actual cast will sound much better, although I may have to ground my kids on trumped up charges to get a turn on a real computer with real […]
    Timmy Mac

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