Some Thoughts on Boston Comedy

The Boston comedy scene is legendary.  I know this because people in the Boston comedy scene have been telling me this for nearly 20 years.  It is possible that Boston comedy is not the best judge of Boston comedy.

Right now, the Boston comedy scene is, well, weird.  It’s filled with lots of very funny, very creative, very entrepreneurial comics.There are a million great little comedy shows run by comics. There’s an actual legit full-time comedy club that books national acts. There are a couple of rooms in the city where a comic can do a half hour or forty five minutes and actually get paid cash money (well, a check.  Boston has never paid cash money).

Route 1 is its own comedy universe.  Full houses, great comics, and also something of a comedy time capsule.  Hey, it works.  Clubs and comics are getting paid, so c’est la…

Boston comedy is also way more inclusive than it used to be.  It’s not just angry white guys in baseball caps anymore.  Both on stage and behind the scenes, so that’s good.

I find myself in a very strange position, in that I started outside the scene, moved into it, headlined all the old school rooms, yet was there for the beginning and helped nurture the alt scene, had my own (pretty successful) club, and am now something of a sentimental favorite around town.

I’m also the only comic who’s voluntarily taken a step back from headlining every show he’s on, because I think it’s not fair to take that time away from passionate comics while I’m still trying to sort out my comedy mojo.  This has also informed my perspective.  And been thoroughly humbling.

No point.  Just thoughts.  Thoughts to fill up this blog I seem to have started as a stepping stone to having a podcast.  Because if there’s one thing the world needs, it’s another comedian with a podcast.

Ding Ho Schming Ho.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Boston Comedy

  1. You always struck me as a headliner. You in the passenger seat heading down to Mexico, Art Carlson in the sock drawer, Ann Abeyta sleeping in trunk.

    Life’s funny that way.

    Hey next time you’re in NH, email me so I can stop by and say hello, or pop on up here while the cost of gas is low and we’ll throw a couple of fat steaks on the grill and burn up some ammo.

  2. Great googly moogly! It’s Marc Moran, without whom, I probably wouldn’t even BE a comic. I certainly wouldn’t have nearly as many good stories.

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